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Our appraisal services, competitive rates, and effective remarketing make selling with bidadoo an easy, informed choice.


Have equipment and trucks you’ve been thinking about selling? Now is the time! Sell with bidadoo, a trusted partner for some of the largest equipment owners in the world.

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With an average of over 20x more views per item and mobile participation from 199 countries, your equipment will be exposed to a global buyer base.

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With more than 100,000 successful equipment auctions over the past 20 years, bidadoo has quickly earned the respect and trust of many of the top construction, equipment, and industrial companies. Our appraisal services and competitive rates make selling with bidadoo an easy, informed choice.

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Our live equipment video demonstrations, professional photography, and detailed condition reports take the guess work and risk out of buying equipment. With bidadoo, what you see (and hear) is what you get.

No Travel Or Transport Required! bidadoo’s trusted marketplace eliminates the need to travel to purchase or sell equipment. We bring the auction to you. Plus, our price performance and competitive rates make selling with bidadoo an easy choice. 

Whether you’re looking to sell a single machine, rotate your fleet, sell idle fleet assets, or trading in for new machines, you should consider global online auction sales with bidadoo. Contact a bidadoo consultant at to learn more.

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Sell with bidadoo
  • Most Trusted Online Auction Service with results to match
  • Global Audience: we attract over 60,000 global visitors every week! view map for the current month
  • Video Demonstrations, Photography, and Listing Services
  • Equipment Appraisal Services: request an appraisal now



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