Wheel Loaders

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This guide highlights general features and specifications of wheel loaders, a machine bidadoo frequently sells in our online auctions. We have wheel loaders available from many of our locations across the country including California, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, and others.


What is a wheel loader?

A wheel loader is a 4-wheeled machine used for earthmoving. Similar to skid steers and backhoes, a wheel loader includes a front-mounted bucket for scooping, holding, and transporting loose materials like dirt, sand, and other pulverized materials. Their durable tires, hydraulic steering, and rugged threads or chains tied to the tires, allow the front & rear axles to carry more weight.

 2009 John Deere 844K 4WD Articulating Wheel Loader

Pictured: 2009 John Deere 844K 4WD Articulating Wheel Loader



What is a wheel loader typically used for?

Wheel loaders are commonly used in agriculture, logging, carpentry, construction, quarrying, demolition and more. The tasks they’re best utilized for include removing debris and waste, transportation and removal of various soils and materials like brick and stone, moving hay bales, and transporting feed. Attachments can enhance a wheel loader’s versatility for clearing land, tilling, and planting.


How many size categories of wheel loaders are there?

Wheel loaders have four different sizes: compact, small, medium and large. A loader's category depends on the size of its bucket, its carrying capacity, and the horsepower of its engine, which all determine how big of a job the loader can handle.


What are compact and small wheel loaders?

Compact and small wheel loaders are commonly used in landscaping, agriculture, commercial building, and rental industries. Their bucket sizes range from 2-3 yards in width. Advantages of compact wheel loaders include less wear on tires over time, lighter impact on turf and other soft surfaces, better fuel efficiency, better visibility, faster speed, and more. Keep in mind, certain brands categorize compact loaders and small loaders differently.


2019 Caterpillar 906M 4x4 Wheel Loader

Pictured: 2019 Caterpillar 906M 4x4 Wheel Loader - Compact Category



2019 Caterpillar 926M 4x4 Wheel Loader

Pictured: 2019 Caterpillar 926M Wheel Loader - Small Category



What are common brands and models of compact wheel loaders?

          •  Caterpillar 906M

          •  John Deere 244L, 324L

          •  Kubota R430

          •  Bobcat L65, L85

          •  Case 321F

          •  Wacker Neuson WL95


What are common brands and models of small wheel loaders?

          •  Caterpillar 926M

          •  Bobcat L23, L28

          •  Kubota R540, R640


What are medium and large wheel loaders?

Medium, or mid-size, wheel loaders have buckets that range from 3 to 5 yards in length, and they’re better suited for moving more materials and heavier materials than small and compact loaders. In fact, their main purpose is digging, loading, carrying and grading, which makes them popular in construction, quarry and aggregate, landscaping, logging and demolition.

Large wheel loaders are similar to medium loaders, but they can handle more weight. Their buckets range from 7 to 8 yards in length, and these full-sized machines are better for loading gravel trucks and other heavy duty projects such as logging, agriculture, construction, waste management, slag handling, and building demolition.


2013 Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader

Pictured: 2013 Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader - Medium Category



2018 Komatsu WA500-8 4WD Articulated Wheel Loader

Pictured: 2018 Komatsu WA500-8 4WD Articulated Wheel Loader - Large Category



What are common brands and models of medium wheel loaders?

          •  Komatsu WA200-8, WA270-8

          •  Caterpillar 950M, 980 XE


What are common brands and models of large wheel loaders?

          •  Komatsu WA380-8, WA500-8

          •  John Deere 744 P-Tier, 944 X-Tier

          •  Volvo L70H, L350H


What are popular types of wheel loader attachments?

Popular types of wheel loader attachments include buckets, forks, couplers, lifting jibs, rakes, pushers, shovels, augers, brooms, stump grinders. Be sure to check out our attachments for sale in this week’s online auction.



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