Looking to buy a reach forklift telehandler? Learn more about factors to consider before buying



This guide highlights general features and specifications of a reach forklift telehandler, a machine bidadoo recently frequently on auction. We have telehandlers available from many of our locations across the country including Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, Indiana and more.


What is a telescopic handler?

A telescopic handler, also known as a telehandler or reach forklift, is a piece of equipment widely used in the construction industry. It has an articulated boom feature giving it a crane-like mobility with increased versatility extending forward and upwards. An operator can then leverage its handling feature to perform a variety of tasks.


2013 Genie GTH844 44' 8,000 lbs Telescopic Reach Forklift Telehandler

Pictured: 2013 Genie GTH844 44' 8,000 lbs Telescopic Reach Forklift Telehandler



What is the function of a telescopic handler?

Similar to a forklift, its use is primarily for moving hard-to-reach, heavy loads of equipment from one place to another. A unique feature of telescopic handlers allows the end of the boom to fit multiple types of attachments such as buckets, pallet forks, winches, etc. Depending on the particular job, operators will utilize a particular attachment to perform jobs like moving dirt or taking cargo on a pallet from one area to another.


2013 JLG G9-43A 43' 9,000 lbs Telescopic Reach Forklift Telehandler 9K bidadoo

Pictured: 2013 JLG G9-43A 43' 9,000 lbs Telescopic Reach Forklift Telehandler 



What limitations do telescopic handlers have?

Like all types of equipment, telescopic handlers have their boundaries. With an extending boom, the farther away you reach, the less weight you will have the ability to carry. This type of machine is often associated with a load chart which helps determine how much weight the telehandler will be able to hold at a certain extension length. To help limit these boundaries, stabilizers are sometimes added to increase the lifting capability and ensure safety measures.


What are some popular telescopic handler brands and models?

Some popular telehandler models include Genie, JLG, Skytrak, JCB, and Gehl.


Some popular telehandler models include:

          •  JLG G9-43A
          •  Skytrack 6042, 10042
          •  Gehl RS8-42
          •  Genie GTH844, GTH-1056


What are some general features of a telescopic handler?

Telehandlers may include the following Hydraulic Chassis Tilt, Hydraulic Fork Tilt, 3 Way Selectable Steering - Crab, 2 Wheel, 4 Wheel, Rough Terrain Form Filled Tires, and more.


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