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This guide highlights general features and specifications of a dozer, a machine bidadoo frequently sells on auction. We have dozers available from many of our locations across the country including Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina and others.


What are dozers and how do they differ?

There are multiple types of dozers, and they are often used for digging and ditching, moving around raw material and soil, and even cleaning or leveling groundwork. These are very large machines supported with wheels or wide tracks to distribute the weight over a larger surface area. The 3 common types of dozers are crawler dozers, wheel dozers, and mini dozers.


What is a crawler dozer?

Crawler dozers are the most common type of dozers seen around construction sites. These are modeled with a large, endless tracks instead of wheels, a medal plate in front for leading and pushing objects, and a ripper in the back for clearing hard, compact soil. The main functions of crawler dozers are to work through muddy, uneven surfaces, clear land for new construction, level roads, carry out various mining jobs, haul heavy material, maneuver hard surfaces, and more. Their tracks allow them to operate with ease in areas with irregular land like field and planes.


2005 John Deere 850J Crawler Dozer 

Pictured: 2005 John Deere 850J Crawler Dozer



What is a wheel dozer?

Wheel dozers, or tire dozers, have completely articulated, hydraulic steering and move on a smaller axis than crawler dozers. Their tires are much gentler than tracks, which allows them to work well on soft surfaces and sensitive grounds like turf and sand without causing disruption. Due to its four wheels, it possesses a smaller turn radius than crawler dozers, and is often used in big projects like mining, highway construction, and the development of large buildings.


Wheel Dozer

Pictured: Wheel Dozer



What is a mini dozer?

A mini dozer, or compact dozer, is a tracked dozer with better speed, handling, and versatility than the standard crawler dozer. It can be transported by trailer and fits in smaller spaces on work sites. It's routinely used for smaller projects in residential areas for clearing land, pushing snow, grading driveways, and more.


2008 John Deere 450J-LT Crawler Dozer

Pictured: 2008 John Deere 450J-LT Crawler Dozer



What are popular dozer models?

          •  Caterpillar Crawler Dozers: D5, D7, D9
          •  Caterpillar Wheel Dozers: 814, 814K, 844
          •  Komatsu Crawler Dozer: D61PXi-24, D65EX-18
          •  John Deere Crawler Dozer: 450K, 650K, 750L


What are some general features of a dozer?

Dozers may include an Enclosed Cab, SU Dozer Blade, Vail 3-Tooth Rear Ripper, Cab Guard and more.


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