Boom Lifts

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This guide highlights general features and specifications of a Boom Lift, a machine bidadoo frequently sells through online auction. We have boom lifts available from many of our locations across the country including Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Indiana and others.


What is a boom lift?

A boom lift and scissor lift are two familiar types of aerial lifts, in which they both allow you to reach higher access points from an elevated work platform. What’s unique about a boom lift however, is that it can extend both horizontally and vertically. Boom lifts are able to be manipulated through their hydraulic joint system, and although their platforms are smaller than scissor lifts, booms have a much higher reach compared to scissors.


2016 JLG 860SJ 86' 4WD Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift
Pictured: 2016 JLG 860SJ 86' 4WD Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift



What is the difference between an electric and engine powered boom lift?

Boom lifts are one of the most common types of equipment used for constructing maintenance on elevated, difficult to reach areas. An electrical powered boom lift can be used for both indoor and outdoor jobs. An engine powered boom lift can only be used outdoors, containing bigger tires and a more durable frame set.


2010 JLG E400AJPN Electric Boom Lift
Pictured: 2010 JLG E400AJPN 40' Electric Articulating Boom Lift 



What is a telescopic boom lift?

A telescopic boom lift has a straight, or non-articulated, mast with the ability of reaching up higher and wider than other booms. Once extended or retracted to a specific height, it can swing into position as well as be driven while fully extended. It's used in exterior jobs including building maintenance and inspections, electrical work, painting, construction and tree trimming.


2014 Genie S-80X 80' 4WD Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift

Pictured: 2014 Genie S-80X 80' 4WD Diesel Telescopic Boom Lift



What is an articulating boom lift?

An articulating boom lift, or knuckle lift, has a mast with segments connected by joints or knuckles. It can extend, bend, and fit into confined spaces. The turntable at its base allows it to not only swivel, but rotate in a full circle. It's used both indoors and outdoors, as well as around obstacles and corners because of its mast versatility. Common uses for an articulating lift include electrical and piping repairs as well as exterior cleaning jobs.


2006 Genie Z-4525 45' 4WD Articulating Boom Man Lift

Pictured: 2006 Genie Z-45/25 45' 4WD Articulating Boom Lift



What are popular boom lift brands and models?

Some popular boom lift brands include Genie, JLG, Skyjack, and Snorkel.


Some popular boom lift models include:

          •  Genie Lift - S-40 & S-45, S, 450AJ
          •  JLG Lift - 400S, 460SJ, 600S
          •  Skyjack Lift - A46JE, AB80J


What are some general features of a boom lift?

Boom lifts may include Power to Platform, Proportional Controls, Hydraulic Jib, Hydraulic Platform, Onboard Generator, and more. 

What are the general specifications of a boom lift?

Boom Lifts may include 4WD, a height as low as 20 feet (6 meters) or as high as 135 feet (41 meters), a horizontal reach of 56 feet (17 meters), form filled tires, and more.


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