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Past Auction Results
ImageDescriptionSoldSold For
Ford : E-Series Van E2502/26/2015$3,059.00
GMC Sierra Classic 3500 24" Bucket Truck Lift All Boom Turbo Diesel A/C -Repair2/26/2015$2,025.00
Ford : F-450 F4502/26/2015$2,650.00
2006 Ford F350 4x4 Crew Cab Utility Flatbed Truck 6.0L Diesel A/T Cold A/C 4WD2/26/2015$10,600.77
Peterbilt 359MI T/A Truck Tractor Wet Kit Fifth Wheel Plate Cummins 400 HP2/26/2015$5,501.00
Toyota : Prius Prius2/26/2015$5,829.00
Ford : E-Series Van E3502/26/2015$8,250.00
Ford E350 S/A Box Van Truck 5.4L 235HP A/T 15' Box Cold A/C bidadoo2/26/2015$5,700.00
2000 Ford F450 S/A 12' Dump Truck V10 6.8L Auto Cold A/C bidadoo2/26/2015$8,059.99
Ford : F-250 F2502/26/2015$6,800.00
Kawasaki 520 Mule Utility Cart Vehicle UTV Dump Bed ATV -Repair2/26/2015$1,503.00
Ford Think Electric Cart 72 Volt System Seat Belts Charger Windshield -Repair2/26/2015$1,276.01
Chevrolet C3500 Crew Cab Long Bed Pick-Up Truck 6.5L V8 Turbo Diesel 4 Spd Auto2/26/2015$9,100.00
2005 Toro Dingo Trencher Attachment For Mini Skid Steer Loader2/26/2015$1,559.00
2006 Chevrolet 2500HD Silverado 4x4 Ext Cab Service Utility Truck 6.0L AT AC2/26/2015$7,704.01